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  • I’d rather die a peaceful piece of shit, bait, shame-filled coward, thanks.

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    So I watched this music video, and this is in fact completely untrue. There are many scenes in which black/brown girls are casted.

    One could conceivably argue that  any white star who features twerking in a music video is automatically being exploitative.

    However, that was not my perception of this video in particular. It actually appeared to me the director took pains to portray a variety of dance styles (ballet, interpretive dance, rhythmic gymnastics, break dancing, twerking, cheerleading, etc.) all as equally valid art forms. Every performing group in the video includes a variety of ethnicities. I think I did actually see a black/brown dancer in the ballet troupe, though it’s difficult to tell. Look in the rear left of this gif:

    We don’t know if they cast individual dancers or hired a dance troupe, so if black women are underrepresented that might say more about the dance troupe’s selection practices than the video director’s casting practices.

    All the styles of dance, ballet or otherwise are presented in the same fashion — talented professionals being brilliant + Taylor Swift being endearingly incompetent. The black women in the video aren’t portrayed as Taylor’s dancing accessories, but rather as experts in their style:

    Moreover, at the end of the video there’s a sequence showing all the different professionals being silly and dancing in a non-choreographed manner, thereby humanizing them, showing they exist outside of their role as dancers in Taylor’s video:

    I think if we interpret the twerking scenes in this video as demeaning, that says more about our cultural perception of black women than it does about this particular video’s specific portrayal of black women. 

    ^^^^^ i have to agree!

    Bruh, thank you

    Snaps for destroying snap judgement

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    This girl is believed to be in extreme danger. She went missing from her home in Grovetown, GA yesterday morning and is believed to be with a 28 year old male headed towards Oklahoma. Witness reports say they saw a young female who looks like her trying to climb out the back of a black SUV in Richmond County before it drove off erratically. Her name is Meghan Cotner, she is 18, and this is COMPLETELY out of the ordinary for her. She left her phone, her keys, and her car behind. This is not believed to be a runaway.

    Please share no matter where you are and help return her to her family or at least make a safety call or something. Signal boost, tumblr!!!

    Signal boosting to my friends back in Georgia.

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    This dog is permanently angry

    (and up for adoption!)

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    Source: @ygent_official : Translated by: @ShjrimpLJY

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    I have been waiting for the day this showed up on Tumblr.

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    Baby goats aka kids are for everyone.

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